Expert Blu Hanging Cheek

Expert Blu Hanging Cheek


The Expert Blu mouthpiece is a slightly shaped bit that helps follow the confirmation of the mouth and tongue, the blue sweet iron on the arms of the bit stimulates the horse to mouth better and the lozenge that is made from a copper alloy is a warmer metal that helps the horse accept the bit. The double joint help relieve the nut cracker action giving less pressure on the lips, bars and corners of the tongue and helps the bit follow a better shape through the mouth not exerting any point pressure

The Hang Cheek Cheekpiece promotes stillness in the mouth with the cheekpiece being fixed in place it has suspends the bit in the mouth taking some of the weight of the bit off the tongue and generally keeping the bit stiller in the mouth for the more sensitive horse that doesn’t like too much going on in the mouth.

12mm mouthpiece

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