Expert Blu Ported Eggbutt

Expert Blu Ported Eggbutt


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A ported bit with Expert Bits Blu Sweet iron coating.
The ported mouthpiece is to designed to take most the pressure off the tongue, whilst still leaving pressure on the bars, horses that need the tongue relief but like stillness in the mouth should benefit from this mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is solid and so horse that need to seek the contact have something to feel and ride in to.
The Eggbutt cheek being a fixed ring keeps the bit stiller in mouth, and so can apply more tongue and bar pressure, handy for horses that don’t like as movement in the mouth
The sweet iron will oxidize easily encouraging the horse or pony to readily accept the bit by creating a warm sweet taste in the horses mouth.
13mm Mouthpiece

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5", 5.25", 5.5", 5.75", 6"