About Us

Expert Bits is the new revolutionary family-owned bitting brand from bitting consultant and advisor Matt Waterworth, The Bit Expert. With over 15 years bitting experience, Matt has put his knowledge to good use and launched his unique debut bit collection in 2017.

The plan is simple. Expert Bits want to create simple and affordable bits, that fit and work well with the horses’ individual anatomy. Over the years, as breeding systems have changed, so too has the conformation of the horses head. Old fashioned bits are no longer so well suited to the horse. Over the past few years, this transformation in bitting has seen the development of a number of bitting companies designing new styles to suit the modern day horse. With this however, comes a rather hefty price tag. Yorkshire based Expert Bits truly believe that some price tags are simply not affordable for the average owner. 

“Expert Bits are going to bring simpler designs that meet the requirements of most horses whilst keeping the cost down for the customer,” Matt explains. “In doing so, we hope to open up the market, ensuring more horses are correctly bitted, to suit their requirements and their needs.” 

The debut collection comprises a comfy mouth loose ring, universal comfy mouth and universal waterford with many new designs launching this year. 

Matt’s expert knowledge and industry experience will ensure Expert Bits are your choice of equestrian bitting requirements, regardless of your horses likes and dislikes and your own personal needs. If you’re unsure which bit your horse would best suit, do get in touch for advice.