Expert Bits is the new revolutionary family-owned bitting brand from bitting consultants Matt and Lisa Waterworth.

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Family Owned

Matt and Lisa Waterworth, the brains behind Expert Bits, combine their expertise to help horse owners choose the best bits for their horse.

Simple & Affordable

Expert Bits bring simpler designs that meet the requirements of most horses, all whilst ensuring affordability to the customer.

All About Comfort

We believe a horses comfort and happiness should always come first, which is why we are dedicated to providing expert advice to get your horses, the best bit for them.

“Your bits are awesome, and at such an affordable price they are accessible to a wider market… And make so many horses much happier!”

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  • Comfy Barrel Eggbutt

  • Comfy Mouth Loop Ring


Bit Spotlight:

The comfy Barrel

The comfy barrel is ergonomically shaped to follow the confirmation of the horses mouth, and at only 10mm thick it leaves room in the mouth for horses that don’t naturally have that much room for the bit.

The barrel centre keeps the bits constant shape whilst forming a joint to give some movement in the mouthpiece, the barrel gives the bit independent movement of either side to give a more definite signal to the horse, as there is no twist to the rest of the bit as there is with other double jointed bits.

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